The best way to engage with us is to meet and network with our members and to build a relationship.  If you are not local, the next best option is to have your investment oriented deck referred to a member by a trusted third party.  As a last resort, you can submit your deck directly to




We assign teams of 1-3 people as “scouting teams” to connect with any company that we think might be a good match for us.  Scouting teams will typically spend 1 hour with an entrepreneur and will work with them to identify key issues that should be addressed if selected to move forward.




Each month 3 companies will be selected to present to the group as “Main Dishes”.  Presentations are limited to 15 minutes with an additional 20 minutes of Q&A.


In addition, we will invite 1-3 companies who are not quite ready to pitch to attend our monthly meetings as “Appetizers”.  They will get a chance to meet and network with investors but will not be asked to make formal pitches at that meeting.  We hope that many of these companies will be ready to pitch within 3-6 months following such an opportunity.



48 Hour Feedback:

Presenting companies will receive aggregated written feedback within 48 hours.  If enough Members wish to move the opportunity forward, a Company will be invited to participate in a deep dive to be scheduled within 7 days.


Deep Dive:

A deep dive is a 2-3 hour meeting with 3+ additional members of the group, designed to dig a little bit deeper into the business and to help the members and entrepreneur get to know one another.  Members will report back to the group whether the deep dive was positive or negative.  If positive, and if there is a member willing to step forward as a deal lead, the deal will be moved into the diligence phase.




In diligence, the members will try to better understand the performance, plans and risks of an opportunity, and will create a document outlining their findings.  Concurrently with diligence, deal terms will be negotiated.  We will try our best to close within 30 days from the initial presentation. 



We will invest in priced equity and convertible notes and SAFEs with a cap.  We will not invest in straight debt or in uncapped convertible instruments.  Our term sheets and documents are (much lighter) versions of the NVCA documents.